Dear Member!

LeadExchanger is being reogranized and has changed it's name to is an absolutely new revolutionary project which combines the advantages of the online money-making project you are familiar with, with a social network. You will find the following new features and services at

  • possibility to send a message to your referrer/sponsor, downline members and any other member.
  • browsing web offers from full-sized a website page, no more tiny toolbar windows
  • possibility to post comments and recomendations for members who will do an offer later on and earn money from these comments
  • possibility to read comments posted by other members
  • ability to see who completed an offer you are currently doing, and contact them to ask for advice if you get stuck.
  • earnings are now independent of US Dollar rate
  • it's possible to withdraw earnings to AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, E-Gold, Second Life... more options are coming soon!

To continue working with, you must convert your profile. This will take a few seconds. During the conversion process, all your account data will be transferred to All your referrals who convert their accounts (or have converted them already) will become your apprentices (apprentice is the new name for referrals at

Important note: if you also have accounts at, LeadExchanger, Clixies, Cash4Action, Matriclix, it's not possible to move all of them to! However, you can move ONE of your accounts to, and ALSO move all other accounts' earnings there.

We suggest that you visit right now and read about this project, click all the links and inform yourself.

If you're ready to start converting your account to, please click here!


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