What kind of business can be advertised for leads (signups)?
You may advertise any business which is free to join.

How can I find out more about the leads that you provide?
Click here for a general description of our service.

What is the size of the minimal order that I can place?
The minimal order is 25 leads (signups).

Can my clients order targeted signups?
You can order signups targeted by country to the opportunities which only accept members from certain countries. As an example: many online opportunities only accept members from US and Canada, so this may be the case.

What is the minimal amount I can fund my account with?
The minimal funding amount is US $1.

What are the advantages of becoming an approved affiliate?
There are 3 major advantages:
1) You get a huge discount on leads.
2) We list your website in the "List of affiliates" section.
3) We provide additional options of earning more with our service.

Is there any limit on how many clients I can have and how many orders I can place?
No, there are absolutely no limits.

How will I know whether you will be able to fulfill an order or not?
You need to check with your account before accepting any orders from your clients. Click on "New order" link after logging in and you will see all the information there. If you are planning to advertise an online opportunity which has already been advertised with us, you will then be able to have calculations made which will give an approximate estimate of how much time the order will take. If you are interested in advertising a site that hasn't been advertised before it is better to place a small test order first (500-1000 signups), because the signup rate could be low and a large order might take longer for the quota to be filled.

What if my client receives fake/bogus signups with (as an example) "aaaaaa" instead of the first name and "bbbbb" instead of the second name?
If you see a fake signup, you or your client can post a complaint. Our customer support will check your complaint and if we consider it fair, that particullar signup will be cancelled and you will receive another one instead. Note: you only have 6 days to post your complaint since receiving a signup. Therefore you and your clients need to keep checking your orders permanently.

What if I have an order for a company which is already being advertised?
You can always check as to when approximately the current order will be finished and if your client doesn't mind waiting a little, you can put his/her order in the queue.



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