Offers and points:

After you register as a member, you will gain access to several hundred of free offers worth 10 - 35 points each depending on which country you are from. These will be free offers. There will be various actions you'll be able to take, such as requiring you to register at a particular website, to fill in a survey-like form or to take part in an online lottery; but they will not require you to buy or order something which is not free. The offers that you take advantage of must only be for what you really want to belong to and what you are really interested in.

Additional points:

Members of LeadExchanger earn lots of extra points by referring other people to our site. You can find a more detailed description of this process on the next page.

Using your points:

Once you have accumulated 500 points, which is equal to 50 offers taken, you may set up your own offer for any affiliate program or online opportunity that you are already in, with your referral ID and get 25 referrals (signups) into your downline of that program. So for 500 points you can order 25 signups as each signup costs 20 points. There are many online companies with affiliate programs which pay up to $1 instantly for every person you refer and many of others where these referrals can generate an even larger income for you. So all you need to do is to find the right program with the highest potential.

Country targeting explanation:

The cost difference between countries is set by advertisers. Members from USA, Canada, western europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan are the highest demand and therefore these countries earn the highest number of points. Our software tracks members by IP addresses and therefore if you are from China, for example, and have a P.O. box in USA, our site will still not let you register as a USA member. We do not allow members to use proxy servers either. If you violate this rule, your account will be deleted and all earnings will be lost. However this doesn't mean that you won't be able to earn anything. You can earn a lot more by referring other people from countries on demand and since their payout is high, your commission will be high too because you earn percentage from your referrals' earnings. Visit the "referral commission" section for more information.

LeadExchanger toolbar:

In order to start using our site, you will need to download our Internet Explorer compatible toolbar which will appear as a small window on your browser. You will be able to receive offers and view your points by using it and you will need to have it on while taking advantage of any of the offers. It is very easy to use and it saves you the time you would spend visiting our site whenever you want to review or complete an offer or check your balance. Complete instructions for the LeadExchanger toolbar will be given to you at the members' area and our support is always there to help if you have problems.
*Downloading and setting up the LeadExchanger Toolbar takes less than 5 minutes

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